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Sweet Dreams -Artexhibition (en)

Kauniita Unia! (Sweet Dreams) -Artexhibition was a cloasure of our first year of studies.

We prodused multiple artpieces during Spring semester with Photoshop and Illustrator and best works were curated to the Show.

Assignment was to produce event from scratch , get the space for the show, produce artworks, make the program and everything Else that includes a succesful event.

Spring Semester went fast and we had a horry, but with some help from the Tutor teachers and Our marvelous teamspirit, everything went well and we stayed in our tight schedchule.

Artexhibition was curated by wonderful Virpi Kanniainen from artmuseum of Aine/Tornio.

Exhibition includes 50+ artworks printed and on screen, so there is a lot, a lot beautiful things to see.

you can find our art pieces from Social media under hastags #kauniitaunia2019 .

Sweet Dreams artexhibition is Open 9.5-21.5.2019 in Elämystehdas Lappari, Tornio.

I’m so blessed to be a part of this team,


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